Welcome to the Educational Express, we hope you enjoy the ride! As we all know the internet has revolutionized the way teaching happens. With a simple click we have access to literally thousands of teaching resources. However, just like being in a store it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide if the resource is worthwhile using, especially once we start coming across resources that require a membership for full access. Our goal here is to minimize the search time finding great educational resources. We want to help all educators from the classroom to homeschooling and everyone in between who are looking for educational resources by providing resources that work, are useful, relevant and effective.

We do the leg work for you!

All the educational resources posted are given a full and complete review. These reviews are not static either; they will be revisited from time to time giving you an up to date overview of the resource. We revisit the sites to see if they have improved, gone static, or if they are beginning to fall behind. It is important to know that something we once found useful is no longer relevant and perhaps a transition to more viable sites necessary.  You can come here and discover real and tested educational resources, without scouring the internet for hours.

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