The purpose of our reviews is to provide you with the necessary information about each educational resource. One of our primary missions here at Educational Express is to help all educators save valuable time and money. Our reviews are designed to “Express” your way through having to evaluate every resource that you would otherwise come across doing your own online searches.  So not only do we provide excellent educational resources you can use, but we have done a review of these resources to help you understand what the resource is all about and if it is relevant before you visit. It is important to keep in mind that these reviews are based on our  experiences of having explored and used these resources, from simply navigating a webpage to having actually used activities and materials in an educational setting.

  • Kahoot (0) 2018-02-04Eric MacKinnonKahoot has become an instant favourite with my grade 4 class. This is a technological based website that was introduced to me this year, although there is still a lot ... read more
  • Worksheet Place (0) 2018-01-25Eric MacKinnonWorksheet Place is another new site that I have discovered this year. While it is not much different from the typical run of the mill education resource websites in terms ... read more
  • Math-Aids (0) 2018-01-14Eric MacKinnonMath AidsMath Drills has been a tried and tested worksheet resource that I constantly revisit time and time again. It has a well organized sidebar which makes it easy to find ... read more
  • Dance Mat Typing (0) 2018-01-10Eric MacKinnonIt’s never too early to start learning to type, but finding a typing program that students actually enjoy can be difficult at times. I grew up with Mavis Beacon (stand ... read more
  • Super Teachers Worksheets (0) 2018-01-09Eric MacKinnonSuper Teacher WorksheetsSuper Teachers Worksheets is a fantastic educational resource I continuously keep going back to and use in my own classroom. To take full advantage of everything it has to offer ... read more