The purpose of our reviews is to provide you with the necessary information about each educational resource. One of our primary missions here at Educational Express is to help all educators save valuable time and money. Our reviews are designed to “Express” your way through having to evaluate every resource that you would otherwise come across doing your own online searches.  So not only do we provide excellent educational resources you can use, but we have done a review of these resources to help you understand what the resource is all about and if it is relevant before you visit. It is important to keep in mind that these reviews are based on our  experiences of having explored and used these resources, from simply navigating a webpage to having actually used activities and materials in an educational setting.

  • Easy Teaching (0) 2020-03-10Eric MacKinnonEasy Teaching LINK: The section that I focused on was under the drop menu “Literacy” and then the sub menu “Reading and Comprehension”. Once you have navigated to here then ... read more
  • Gorilla Tape (0) 2020-01-28Eric MacKinnonEver tried sticking something to you wall thinking that it should hold, well what teacher hasn’t? Trying to tape something to the painted over cinder block walls in a school ... read more
  • That Artist Woman (0) 2018-11-20Eric MacKinnonThat Artist WomanThat Artist Woman is a site I came across last school year. I really liked what I saw and didn’t have a lot of time to explore until this year, ... read more
  • Crayola Oil Pastels Class Pack: Product Review (0) 2018-11-05Eric MacKinnonCrayola Oil Pastels Class Pack: Product ReviewTeaching art, as anyone knows, can be a difficult challenge. Finding quality art products that will last and fit a budget… that takes a miracle. When it comes to pastels ... read more
  • Khan Academy (0) 2018-11-01Eric MacKinnonKhan Academy  I’m sure most people know about Khan Academy or at least heard of it before. I fall under having heard about it but had not started using it until 3 ... read more
  • Typing Club (2) 2018-03-16Eric MacKinnonTyping ClubIf you’re looking at actually knowing whether or not your students are making progress with their typing skills, is one of the best sites that I have used. Simply ... read more
  • Krokotak (0) 2018-03-15Eric MacKinnonKrokotakKrokotak is a brand new art site I discovered this year. What has really drawn me towards this particular site is the quality and uniqueness of art activities available. In ... read more
  • Red Ted Art (0) 2018-02-23Eric MacKinnonRed Ted ArtRed Ted Art has been another very reliable art site I have continuously gone back to over the years for may great art ideas, projects and activities.  It is constantly ... read more
  • K12 Reader (0) 2018-02-08Eric MacKinnonK12 ReaderK12 Reader is a vast site that focuses strictly on Language Arts for all grade levels and all topics, from comprehension, parts of speech and literary devices. You will be ... read more
  • Art for Kids Hub (0) 2018-02-07Eric MacKinnonArt for Kids HubArt for Kids Hub has been the singularly most useful art site I have come across. When I first started teaching grade 4 in 2014, I had no idea how ... read more