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Worksheet Place is another new site that I have discovered this year. While it is not much different from the typical run of the mill education resource websites in terms of the various worksheets it has to offer, the one resource it does have which was exactly what I was looking for is editing sentences/paragraphs.

Creating sentences and paragraphs can be quite time-consuming, from picking a topic, writing out the sentences and thinking about the type of errors and mistakes you want your students to correct. So far I have used 2 of the 5 available editing worksheets: About Bees and About Flour.  Working through these two worksheets as part of my current Language Arts rotations has taken two days per sheet to complete. I have used these sheets in a guided lesson format where the students will work on them for twenty minutes and we will take up each section as we go. I have found this to be helpful since this is their first introduction to editing and there is a lot for the students to learn. So far they have really enjoyed these particular worksheets and have found a good rate of success.

From what I have explored on this website these editing pages found in the grammar section are the best feature it has to offer. However, having only 5 available is very limiting in my mind and hopefully they will continue to create more of these editing worksheets. Although the grammar section I have found to be a bit stronger than most others sites there really is no reason to come back here for anything that you couldn’t find else where. However you might find other aspects about this site to be more useful than I give it credit for, so I still suggest to give it a visit and a look around.

In addition, the site could use a bit more organization and be more user friendly. The menu bar at the top is easy enough to use. However, what I do not like is once you click on a specific subject it brings you to a bunch of links surrounded by Advertisements and you have to click on another link to get to the next page and then you can finally see images of the sheets that you might want to use. It is a waste of a page which looks unprofessional compared to other top resources sites I frequent. They should really clean their pages up make it more organized and make the advertisements less obstructive. I understand that they are a free site to use, but I have visited many sites that I prefer much more that have advertisements that do not impeded the users experience when navigating their webpage.  Overall if it were not for the editing worksheets I have found I would not really have any use for this particular site. Also since the sheets are downloadable you can get what you want with no need to come back.


Site Break Down


  • free resource
  • editing worksheets good
  • grammar section is decent


  • poor site organization after navigating away from home page
  • poor user experience after navigating away from home page
  • advertisements obstruct and impede user experience



  • none required

Easy to Navigate: 3/5

  • while in general the website is not terribly designed it can be cleaned up a lot more with a bit of effort
  • lots of room to improve organization and use of page space

Site usefulness: 3/5

  • should be a lower score, but I will keep an eye out for future addition of content that is unique

Prep needed for Materials: 4/5

  • low prep, just print and go

Active Webpage: 3/5

  • unsure how active this page is, appears to be infrequent activity
  • no indication by site admin by
  • will revisit to see future progress

Overall:  3.6





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