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That Artist Woman is a site I came across last school year. I really liked what I saw and didn’t have a lot of time to explore until this year, so it was on the back-burner for while. At the start of this school year I went back to explore what the site had to offer. Having taking the time to see what the site really had to offer, I was very impressed and excited.

In fact, I have started to use quite a few projects in my classroom (to be posted later on). The main reason why I started to use the projects from this site is because there are many  projects which are broken down into easy to teach steps. In addition, all the projects I think are very unique.

The biggest challenge is the lack of videos to help with any step by step instructions that may need some added clarity.  Although there are no videos to watch from the written instructions and visuals from the pictures, are for the most part enough, and worst case scenario improvise .

Overall there are a variety of projects covering man mediums themes, and style which can go from being pretty complex to very simplistic. Some projects will require you to go resource hunting and others everything you need will most likely be found in your basic art supply in your classroom.

From what I can tell new projects are still being added to the site. However, since it appears she is the only person running the site, it may not be as  prolific as other sites such as Red Ted Art, or KrokoTak, as they pin a lot of outside resources.  The most recent project I was looking at was dated back in 2017. Regardless of how active she actually is,  there  are plenty of art projects and ideas to sort through. This site will really complement your art program. At this point I have done about 3 or 4 projects from the Fall Season.

In addition, this is a completely free site and it truly is you get what you see when you start to navigate around the pages. In terms of comparing it to other sites, what I really like is that all the art work that is posted has been actually completed by “That Artist Woman” or a young student of Art that she uses to demonstrate in her pictures, which is what is done in Art For kids Hub as well.  For me this adds a bit more originality and uniqueness, showing the “real” end results of what an art project should look like. How often does it happen that we come across an art project and think that it is going to turn out great because what we saw looked great. However, the reality is your students all have varied abilities. The end results may not be as realistic as you had going in and that’s okay!!!


Site Break Down:


  • No membership
  • No prep
  • Unique Art Projects


  • some works require more prep
  • implementation in class can be tricky


Membership: 5/5

  • free

Easy to Navigate: 5/5

  • well organized home page, with easy to understand drop down menus

Site usefulness: 5/5

  • can be used for all grade levels
  • easy to modify to projects
  • a variety of modes of artistic styles and techniques

Prep needed for Materials: 5/5

  • prep varies on the activity that you choose

Active Webpage: 5/5

  • appears to be active
  • posts slowly added over time

Overall:  5/ 5




Educational Express

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