Super Teachers Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets
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Super Teachers Worksheets is a fantastic educational resource I continuously keep going back to and use in my own classroom. To take full advantage of everything it has to offer there is an individual membership for $19.95 (USD). Since I have started using this site there is now an option to license whole school use for $300 (USD) which is also for an entire year.  However, before having to purchase the membership, Super Teachers offers free worksheets so you can get a feel for what type of content they are producing and if it is right for you.  You can preview all the paid content but still require a paid membership to be able to download. However, this allows you to see the full scope of the quality of their content.

One Key aspect that has always drawn me back to this website which I have been using for 5 years myself now, is they continually produce new content. Being such an active website in this way speaks volumes to me because of the commitment they have towards their paying members and to those who are still not sure if paying $20 is a good investment.

One particular type of printable worksheet that I have quite enjoyed in particular are the cut and paste style. Some days there is nothing more students enjoy than cutting out pieces of paper and gluing them right back on the sheet. I have done this with identifying verbs, adjectives and nouns in Language Arts. They are great after you have done a few lessons on each part of speech as a fun way to assess students knowledge.

The number one reason that keeps me coming back to Super Teachers is a quite simple. As any teacher knows time is everything. So often we run out of time to plan a lesson we are happy with or create a resource that we think will be effective. In a pinch and out of time, Super Teachers has been a site I know I can go to with 5 minutes before class print off a worksheet and be able to actually use the results from work the students produced.

I do recommend checking this site out just to see if it is something that might interest you. It is easy to navigate and has a search bar, which are two features that are critical for me when exploring a teaching resource website, particularly if it is the first time I am visiting it.


Site Break down


  • offers free worksheets to sample
  • always adding new worksheets
  • cheap full year membership
  • Great for k-5 teachers
  • saves time on lesson planning
  • quick and easy downloadable sheets / ready to print


  • primarily geared towards k-5


Membership: 4/5

  • great price point and length of membership

Easy to Navigate: 5/5

  • site has essentially remained the same, no improvements needed.

Site usefulness: 4/5

  • has a very good scope from k-5 subjects

Prep needed for Materials: 5/5

  • all activities just need to be printed
  • require sometimes pencil crayons, glue and scissors

Active Webpage: 5/5

  • always adding new content

Overall: 4.6 / 5


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