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Art for Kids Hub
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Art for Kids Hub has been the singularly most useful art site I have come across. When I first started teaching grade 4 in 2014, I had no idea how I was going to teach art or come up with projects. By happy accident I stumbled across this site when I was looking for 3D art activities and I came across a 3D pizza video on YouTube for Art Kids.

The main feature of this website is the drawing lessons offered by Rob. He does step by step lessons and breaks down the drawings in a masterful way through his YouTube videos, which are embedded on his site.  As long as the students are paying attention and are motivated, anyone can draw what he teaches.

In my class I have a smart-board so I am able to to put the videos up  there for the students.  Aside from the drawing he also does fun activities like origami and different ways of to paint, such as blow painting. If you didn’t have time to make an art lesson this site can save you a lot of time in busy parts of the year. Ultimately, all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

One of the greatest features that makes this site truly brilliant is that you do not have to purchase a membership to use it.  It initially started out as an entirely free site. In the last  few years a membership feature has been added. However, the membership will stop adds from popping up while the videos are playing and also you gain access to more advanced art lessons. So essentially, the membership offers bonuses. I would suggest trying it out for a few months before purchasing a membership, either way having this teaching resource is only to your advantage. The membership currently costs $34.99(USD) per year.

What I also find considerably valuable is the variety of mediums used: pencil crayons, water colours, paints, pastels, and even charcoal. Its a great way to help give your students exposure to different ways to draw.

As for any education website, being easy to navigate and having a search bar are very important for me, which Art for Kids has.

If you need any more convincing to even just try out this site the message by Rob about art I think is awesome, which is, “Toooo have fun”. He makes art fun while he does it with his kids.  My students over the years always bought into the positive and fun messages that Rob delivers; including students who are hesitant artists begin to gain confidence in themselves and start to like what they draw without fearing judgement.


Site Break Down:


  • membership optional with still great access to resources
  • Continually adding new content kids love
  • suited for all artistic abilities
  • low art material requirements
  • low prep


  • does require technology to run successfully in classroom
  • some actives do require a bit more planning and resources



  • great price point and length of membership

Easy to Navigate: 5/5

  • site has essentially remained the same, no improvements needed.

Site usefulness: 4/5

  • has a very good scope from k-5 subjects

Prep needed for Materials: 5/5

  • majority of activities are low prep and materials already exist in the classroom setting

Active Webpage: 5/5

  • always adding new content

Overall: 4.6 / 5


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