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In the last post we did, I spoke about two sites that you can actively use to make money through various ways, such as downloading apps, surveys, watching videos and many other ways as well. These sites I have used and made money off of. Please always keep in mind you personally wont get rich or make a lot of money fast. However, if you’re looking for other ways to help supplement your classroom without having to digger deeper into your own pockets, then over the long term you can make a few hundred in a year.

In this post I want to talk about two sites which are strictly survey based but pay no less than $1, however the odd time you might see .50 cents creep up, but those usually are only a minute or two tops to do. These two sites I have been using for years and are my top two sites for surveys.

Survey Lion

My favourite of the two is called Survey Lion.

There is no referral link to this site, instead the link has to be directly emailed from you to another persons email, so no you won’t be getting an email from me, and the referral bonus is only a time $5 payout.  However, what I like about this site is that there is no minimum cashout, and you can request payment anytime. They do have a prescribed schedule of payments because they are mailed off by cheque. This is a Canadian based survey company, so it definitely wont work everywhere in the world, but it’s always worth a try.

Essentially this site will email you notices when a survey becomes available, and from there you can choose to do it or not. Just keep in mind these survey’s are time sensitive, meaning they do fill their quotas quite quickly. Also on some occasions they are  not always mobile compatible so you might have to do it a on a computer. Overall there is not much to this site. You basically wait for emails to be sent about upcoming surveys and then do you best to pre-qualify. Sometimes they are looking for a particular cross-section of the population and you may not match it and as a result your survey is terminated. If you’re interested in this site, give it a check I’m mostly certain it is available to only North America.

Leger Web

The next survey site that I particularly like also due to its legitimacy is called Legerweb, again this is a Canadian based survey site. However, despite this from my experience they do often open up to other countries, particularly the United States and a select overseas places too, but it never hurts to try and sign up. This site offers three types of rewards, Airmiles, Aeromiles and Paypal. There is a minimum cashout for your rewards. $20 for PayPal, 20 Airmiles, and 250 Aeromiles. The way the surveys operate is essentially the same as Survey Lion. You will receive an email informing you have of a new survey. It will inform you if you if it is mobile compatible or not. Then you will do a few screening questions to see if you are the right fit for the survey and then off you go. Most surveys range from $1-$3, with the odd .50 cent one. Overall, I have had great success with this site. Again, you wont make a lot of money fast but over the course of the year can earn enough money to buy those additional supplies for your room that would be otherwise unreachable.

Overall, both these survey’s I have had great success with. However, it is important to remember these are not get rich ideas. They are simply another way to help fund classrooms in your spare time.

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