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  • Back to School (0) 2020-02-24Eric MacKinnonIt’s definitely been a while for us here at Educational Express. We may not have mentioned this before but it is just the two of us here, making sure this ... read more
  • Creative Ways to Make Money for the Classroom. (0) 2019-01-22Eric MacKinnonSweat Coins is an app that I have recently discovered. Of all the different ways I have talked how about to help make money to support your classroom this is ... read more
  • Creative ways to make extra money for your classroom (0) 2018-12-29Eric MacKinnon  One of the things I have always been interested in with the internet is the multiple ways you can make money online. This is nothing new to the internet as ... read more
  • Fall Art: Autumn Trees: Print making (1) 2018-11-20Eric MacKinnonFall Art: Autumn Trees: Print makingThese pieces were from “That Artist Woman” This did not turn out exactly how the project looks from the site but I think as educators and for those of us ... read more
  • Art projects from our recommended sites! (0) 2018-10-23Eric MacKinnonThe top project is from Krokotak Art, called: To Sweep the Leaves Link: ———————————————————————————————- The bottom project is from Art For Kids Hub, called:Coloring An Autumn Leaf With Oil Pastels Link:   Out of the ... read more
  • The Piano Guys (0) 2018-09-30Eric MacKinnon  It’s that time of year again! Where has the summer gone? As the school year fast approaches classrooms are being set up, walls decorated, and last minute planning that we ... read more
  • Why you should teach overseas. (0) 2018-05-31Eric MacKinnonAs much as teachers college can attempt to prepare you for teaching we all know that the most valuable lessons and experiences we gain as teachers are on the job. ... read more
  • Classroom Routine: 101 (0) 2018-02-17Eric MacKinnonAs I reflect back upon my teaching experiences so far, I have come to appreciate the importance of having a classroom routine. This may appear to be an obvious piece ... read more